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Greetings, mortals!

It's a quiet week at Grendel Press as we prepare the final edits and generate proofs for Paramnesia and work on author interviews for The Devil Who Loves Me.

Enjoy a few updates, and if you missed any of our previous author interviews, take a look at our archive on our homepage.

The Devil Who Loves Me

Our next anthology, The Devil Who Loves Me, will begin preorders on May 5th, with the full release scheduled for June 23rd. The anthology will take you on a dark journey through an old-world kind of love and chivalry that will Make. You. Feel. Expect a cover reveal in mid to late April.

Paramnesia launches April 7th

We're in a race to the finish line for our first anthology, Paramnesia. It will launch on April 7th on Kindle Select, with our paperback edition distributed through Amazon and IngramSpark. The harpies are beyond excited. It's embarrassing, really.
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*Note - Our paperback preorders are through GrendelPress.com and will ship on our release date, April 7th, with some neat swag included. If you need shipping to another country not listed in the shipping options, please email us at info@grendelpress.com, and we will gladly add your country to our shipping zones. Enjoy!

Storytime With Grendel

As You Wish

Greetings Draconic scholars! This week’s question comes from another large, scaled antagonist, though this brute is admittedly much more amicable than we dragons are.

"Hey Grendel, ever steal a princess?"

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Storytime With Grendel: As You Wish
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