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Greetings, mortals!

When I said it was quiet last week, I might have been stretching the acceptable definition of vibrating chaos, but I did mean that we don't have any author interviews scheduled while we work through final proofs and plans for launch.

The first proof arrives tomorrow, but we expect to do at least one more before early AM on April 3rd, which is the final day to make changes. Our lovely commissioned artist is already working on artwork for The Devil Who Loves Me, so we're right on schedule!

Enjoy a few updates, and if you missed any of our previous author interviews, take a look at our archive on our homepage.

Paramnesia launches April 7th

We're in a race to the finish line for our first anthology, Paramnesia. It will launch on April 7th on Kindle Select, with our paperback edition distributed through Amazon and IngramSpark. The harpies are beyond excited. It's embarrassing, really.
Digital Preorder | Paperback Preorder

*Note - Our paperback preorders are through GrendelPress.com and will ship on our release date, April 7th, with some neat swag included. If you need shipping to another country not listed in the shipping options, please email us at info@grendelpress.com, and we will gladly add your country to our shipping zones. Enjoy!

The Devil Who Loves Me

Our next anthology, The Devil Who Loves Me, will begin preorders on May 5th, with the full release scheduled for June 23rd. The anthology will take you on a dark journey through an old-world kind of love and chivalry that will Make. You. Feel. Expect a cover reveal in mid to late April.

Storytime With Grendel

As You Wish - Part 2

I was on the search for a simple lemon—an endeavor that should have been a quick task, yet it took nearly two hours to find even a single fruit in the rubble of the village. Apparently, it was NOT lemon season, or the princess in her demand had already claimed every lemon in the area, but eventually I found one. Upon arriving back at the castle, I found her spoiled majesty in the same spot as I left her. Presenting her the lemon, the only thanks I received was more complaining that I had not cut it up, juiced it, and offered it to her in a silver cup “as was obviously how she liked it.”

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Storytime With Grendel: As You Wish - Part 2
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