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Greetings, Mortal Minions!

Preorders are live, and I find myself in a quandary. The Harpies tell me that paperback pre-orders through our website do not count toward our first week of sales, which means it does not affect our rank at all. However, we offer adorable baubles and extras when you order through our website.

Hmm...Baubles or Rankings... Only one of those two can I touch and taste (The Harpies maintain that we should not try to eat the freebies. Sigh.)

Very well. Far be it for me to care whether we are popular on some ethereal list.
We shall make up the difference in popularity after our live date by our sheer magnificence.
Order away, my friends.
Digital Preorder | Paperback Preorder

*Note - Our paperback preorders are through GrendelPress.com and will ship on our release date, April 7th, with some neat swag included. If you need shipping to another country not listed in the shipping options, please email us at info@grendelpress.com, and we will gladly add your country to our shipping zones. Enjoy!

A Few Announcements from the Harpies...

Reminder about novel & novella submissions for 2024.

2024 Themes - We're talking about this on our Discord server.
Join us to help form 2024 themes.

Storytime With Grendel

Bunderbeard Hammersbreath and the Siege of Dol Kragon - Part 2

In our last Storytime, I was recounting my experiences with shapeshifting and the trouble it had gotten me into. Having been locked miles under the surface in an empty dwarven vault, surrounded by the bones of other less fortunate of my kind, my demise seemed imminent. Did I get out? Did I die in that vault? Have I been a ghost this whole time? I shall continue this harrowing tale and reveal the truth!

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Storytime With Grendel: Bunderbeard Hammersbreath and the Siege of Dol Kragon - Part 2

This Week's Interviews and Art Sneak Peeks

Author Interview - Paul Melhuish

Author of horror, sci-fi and thrillers. Works include Dark Choir (2020) and High Cross (2018). Member of Northampton Science Fiction Writers Group and Northampton Morris Men (but don't hold that against me)

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Author Interview - Paul Melhuish

Author Interview - Stuart Freyer

Author Interview - Stuart Freyer
Stuart Freyer is a Pushcart Prize nominee and his stories have appeared in American Fiction Volume 14: The Best Unpublished Stories by New and Emerging Writers, Glassworks, december, Timber Creek Review, and Zahir: A Journal of Speculative Fiction, among others. He has been an otolaryngologist, acupuncturist and standup comic. He lives in Williamstown MA on a dirt road.

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