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Author Interviews

In this upcoming anthology, The Devil Who Loves Me, we explore love in the darkest of places. This week, we interviewed Charlotte H. Lee, whose story "Just Desserts" proves that beauty is, indeed, in the eye of the beholder.

Preorders are available for The Devil Who Loves Me!

Remember that paperback preorders come with gift-packaged swag that includes themed bookmarks, a 5 x 7 print, and stickers! These are great gifts for family and friends!
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2024 Anthology Theme Update

We are honing in on 2024 themes!
Next year we will feature two anthologies, with the second theme still up for discussion.

Submissions are NOT YET open, but you may see a sneak peek and discuss 2024 themes on our Discord Server.

Guest Interviews

We are accepting interviews from all authors in our genres. While we will prioritize our Wednesdays and Fridays for our anthology authors, we would love to share more.
If you know anyone interested, please refer them here.

Enjoy a few updates, and if you missed any of our previous author interviews, take a look at our archive on our homepage.

Storytime With Grendel: Good Deeds - Finale

Hello once again, wonderful wizards! When I was last regaling Geldrin of my tale, and subsequently you readers, I had just returned to my barely adequate boat and reluctant crew after consuming a small feast of Hobgobs. They had taken over the small island city of Grumhold, though why or how I cared not. All I was concerned about was getting to the hobgoblin leaders, for they were a most delectable meal!

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Storytime With Grendel: Good Deeds - Finale

Author Interview - Charlotte H. Lee

Charlotte H. Lee spends her days pondering how best to smash all the boxes people want to keep the world in from a baby city near Vancouver, Canada. It doesn't matter whether it's through telling stories to challenge others how we see life, or pushing herself to stretch her own brain in new ways. Her stories have appeared in Little Blue Marble, Metaphorosis, The Overcast, and others. You can find links to her published work at www.charlottehlee.com.

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Author Interview - Charlotte H. Lee

Grendel Press Anthologies

Paramnesia is now available!

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Paramnesia features a collection of original short stories from a diverse range of talented writers that will take you on a journey through the depths of the human psyche, exploring the darkest corners of the mind and the horrors that lurk within.

The Devil Who Loves Me

Preorders: Paperback | Kindle
Grendel Press proudly presents our second anthology, The Devil Who Loves Me.

This collection of fourteen stories explores love in the darkest of places. From an executioner drawn in by a handsome witch, a knight set on avenging the loss of his friend, to a mercenary touched by the abyss on a rescue mission gone awry, these stories will capture your heart and imagination!
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