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In this upcoming anthology, The Devil Who Loves Me, we explore love, darkness, and the catalysts between them. This week, we interviewed Antony Paschos, whose story "Soul of My Soul" stole our hearts with a demon who fights through one night during the Bulgarian Occupation of Northern Greece in WW II to save a child.

Preorders and Author Copy Updates
When we said on the way, Amazon meant they created the label, and the rest remains a mystery. Preorders, you will get a confirmation email when your book is shipped. Contributing authors, you will also get an email to confirm where you want your copies shipped and if you want additional copies put on order.

Our head harpy is still working on our self-publisher's resource guide.

However! The Audiobook for Paramnesia is in the works! We've arranged for Lee Olsen to read for us, and we are ever so pleased to have him! Even a magnificent dragon such as I, was impressed with his audition. Our tentative release schedule for the audiobook is early August.

Speaking of author interviews, we are accepting interviews from all authors in our genres. While we will prioritize our Wednesdays and Fridays for our anthology authors, we would love to share more.
If you know anyone interested, please refer them here.

Enjoy a few updates, and if you missed any of our previous author interviews, take a look at our archive on our homepage.

Storytime With Grendel

Good Deeds - Part 1

This week’s question comes from one of those paladins I’ve heard so much about. All I know of them is that they taste like valor and holiness, which reminds me of freshly baked cinnamon rolls. Thus, I’ve eaten quite a few paladins in my time. And almost as many cinnamon rolls!

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Storytime With Grendel: Good Deeds - Part 1

The Devil Who Loves Me

Author Interview - Antony Paschos

Antony Paschos is a Greek author with published short stories in Metaphorosis, Channel, The Common Tongue magazines and several others in Greek anthologies and literary magazines. He has also published two books, the latest of which was released in 2019 by Bell Publications. He is a member of the Athens Club of Science Fiction, and lives in Athens.

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Author Interview - 	Antony Paschos

Paramnesia is now available!

Paramnesia features a collection of original short stories from a diverse range of talented writers, that will take you on a journey through the depths of the human psyche, exploring the darkest corners of the mind and the horrors that lurk within.
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Coming Soon

The Devil Who Loves Me

Our next anthology, The Devil Who Loves Me, will begin preorders on May 5th, with the full release scheduled for June 23rd. The anthology will take you on a dark journey through an old-world kind of love and chivalry that will Make. You. Feel. Expect a cover reveal in mid to late April.
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