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Not everything is as it appears.

That’s the lesson Alleria learns on her seventeenth birthday when the handsome rogue Halfway Jack rescues her from the witch’s Tumsa's villainous grasp. But is he her savior? Or is he a scoundrel only looking to sell her to the highest bidder?

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Isolated from his companions, a devout elven priest finds himself enthralled by a vampire named Julian, who opens his body and mind to the shadows cast by his own divine light. Follow Celest and his companions on a journey of unexpected alliances, forbidden desires, and a harrowing battle that will leave them all haunted by their dark choices. 🔥Join Cyril's Devoted🔥
One Smile More by Charlotte Platt
Fleeing an arranged marriage, Scottish mage Ena Sinclair finds herself caught between the allure of two protective vampires and the dangers of their deranged enemy's obsession, as she struggles to escape his twisted proposal that threatens to shatter her magical abilities and the newfound bonds with the nest who had taken her in.
Alleria by Chantal Noordeloos
Bound by a curse that decays everything she touches, Alleria's fate takes a dark turn when she is rescued by the handsome Halfway Jack—a seemingly helpful stranger who harbors a secret agenda, plunging her into a perilous journey through the Fae, where betrayal and unexpected alliances weave a complex tapestry of danger and desire.
Thrall by Richard Beauchamp
In the quiet Ozark town of Carter, the last standing member of the once-thriving metal band Blasphemer is marked by an ancient darkness, as an unlikely group of heroes unearths a blood-soaked secret that forces them to confront an evil older than the hills, lurking in the caves, meth sheds, and squad cars of their seemingly unassuming town.
The Last O'Clery Witch by Rebekkah Ford
Ainsley McGregor, the last of the powerful O'Clery witches, breaks centuries-old rules when supernatural secrets unravel around her, forcing her into a perilous journey involving a cute vampire, a pesky spirit, a demanding half-demon, and a surprising reunion with her twin brother, as she grapples with the consequences of her family's doomed legacy and the threat of Hell descending upon their small paranormal-infested town.
Demon hunter Zilzina's pursuit of a bounty takes a fateful turn when she saves a half-demon, Autumn, leading to a perilous journey filled with dangerous bounties, demonic adversaries, and the revelation of a mysterious connection in Autumn's blood that attracts powerful hellspawn, culminating in a deadly confrontation in Sapoul's clocktower with a malevolent demon named Yulav. 🔥Follow the Series🔥
Snow Globe by Anthony Engebretson
Two unlucky strangers are led to the infamous “Prairie Triangle”, a region of Nebraska where hundreds of people have vanished without a trace. At the center is an abandoned general store; within is a strange and alluring snow globe. The snow globe pulls these two strangers into a grizzly journey where they will uncover painful truths, ancient mysteries, and secrets revealing the true nature of existence itself.
Haunted in Paradise by Susan E. Rogers
In the idyllic Florida resort town of Gulfside, retired psychic Sharon Coady's paradise unravels into a supernatural nightmare as the ghost of her dying ex-husband haunts her, leading her to confront a vengeful stalker and a malevolent force determined to possess her, forcing Sharon to wield her psychic strength in a desperate battle for her life and sanity.
Counted With the Dead by Peter O'Keefe
A reformed hit man navigates Detroit’s bitter racial divisions while tracking the vengeful beast created from the corpses of his victims. He struggles to protect his family, destroy the monster and somehow achieve absolution for his crimes.
Masks by Jim Horlock
For Edward, killing people for the Mask Programme is better than death row. But what's the true purpose behind the Masks? Why was Edward chosen? When an opportunity to escape arises, Edward must choose between freedom, answers, or a bloody revenge on his captors.
The Nilwere by Tim Boiteau
Today the monster in the woods is slain, the damsel rescued, and she and her knight live happily ever after. Tomorrow it will happen again, and again, and again .... In their attempt to escape their plague-ridden hometown, Constance Dunn and her friend Amity Lancaster become trapped within the mechanisms of a strange fairy-tale clockwork, but every contraption has its flaws, and this one is about to reach its breaking point.
Man in the Purple Coat by Travis Mushanski
While working for Cedar Point Public Works, Beatrix Francis is tasked to collect decades worth of back taxes from a local curio shop, the Crypto-nomica. There she meets the eccentric owner, Giles, a middle-aged man-child wearing a purple housecoat. He drags Beatrix into a hidden world of fairies, demons, and trolls to save the life of a human child, and it’s a race against time to maintain order in the fairy realm and to prevent dark magic from creating hell on Earth.
Born into a legacy of tyranny and bloodshed yet destined to challenge it, Sulwyn grows up knowing her parents, the King and Queen of Vartugaul, only as ruthless despots. Under the alias Kintana, she becomes a beacon of hope and a defender of the oppressed in the Empire. Betrayed and forced to navigate the corruption that surrounds her, she unravels deep-seated treachery and forges a tenuous alliance with two of the crown's most feared soldiers. 🔥Join the Rebellion🔥
A Fable Dark: Vol 1 by Chris Pender
Explore the mystical and the macabre in this captivating collection of tales. From the wild Irish coast, where folklore bleeds into reality, to the deceptive parlors of Victorian England, where survival hinges on a card game. Journey through the icy wilderness with a guilt-ridden survivor, and partake in a haunting Halloween tradition in a quaint Pilgrim town. Each story, rich in character and steeped in myth, promises a thrilling blend of suspense, mystery, and the supernatural.
Her Being Toward Death by J. M. Faulkner
Amid the lush backdrop of a Louisiana plantation, Mathilde de Brunne grapples with a family curse of visions and despair. Her life takes a dramatic turn when she inherits the estate, confronting societal norms and enigmatic challenges. Surrounded by secrets, betrayal, and a mysterious benefactor, Mathilde's journey through love, ambition, and the specter of madness paints a haunting portrait of a family ensnared by its dark legacy.
IXIXIKLIS by Jason A. Wyckoff
Eve and Zander take a camping trip to re-connect, and instead find a body in the woods. When they report it to the Adler police, they are plunged into a conspiracy involving law enforcement, drug dealers, and occultists. The ghosts of Adler’s departed begin to appear, drawn by ritual sacrifices made to a demon who promised that one soul would be returned to life—chosen by whomever completes the ceremony. As competitors vie to revive their lost loved ones, the couple must form unlikely alliances to unravel the mystery and save the town from destruction.
The Sound of the Future by C. H. Riley
When mysterious sounds echo across the globe, Frank Presley's unassuming life as a heavy metal enthusiast and family man is upended. The world spirals into chaos, and with it come inexplicable changes: Frank develops an uncanny perfect pitch and a newfound passion for classical music. But these are mere ripples compared to the alarming transformations of his wife and daughter. As society descends into madness, Frank confronts a reality where the line between miracle and insanity blurs, and the future becomes an ominous, uncharted territory
The Women Without Eyes by Micah Castle
“The Women Without Eyes” is a fast-paced horror crime novella that intricately weaves the lives of Detective Wolfe, a detective struggling to balance his demanding job with his responsibilities as a husband and father, who finds himself increasingly consumed by the case, and William Acerieas, a man torn between the expectations of his family and the dark destiny he was born into, who faces a crisis of identity and purpose.
Copy of Banners (3)
Crafting Victorian London: Behind the Scenes of One Smile More
London is a fantastic city to write about because it is so proud of its history and constantly shows itself off, both in the day-to-day city and in the museums that thrive in there. There’s also the amazing British Library, which is beautiful in person...
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One Smile More: An Exclusive Interview with Charlotte Platt
Join us as we delve into the imaginative world of Charlotte Platt, a dark fantasy and horror writer from the far north of Scotland. Her latest novel, One Smile More, follows Ena Sinclair, a Scottish mage and spy, who flees an arranged marriage only to...

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“This is the Empire. This is what I am up against.”

Born into a legacy of tyranny and bloodshed yet destined to challenge it, Sulwyn grows up knowing her parents, the King and Queen of Vartugaul, only as ruthless despots. Under the alias Kintana, she becomes a beacon of hope and a defender of the oppressed in the Empire. Betrayed and forced to navigate the corruption that surrounds her, she unravels deep-seated treachery and forges a tenuous alliance with two of the crown's most feared soldiers.

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