Welcome to Grendel Press, Anthony Engebretson!

Anthony’s creative journey as a dark and speculative fiction writer began in Nebraska and has flourished in Michigan. His unique approach to character development sets him apart, crafting individuals who defy conventional archetypes. Anthony’s talent for weaving intriguing narratives has been showcased in various anthologies, including “Spring Into Sci-Fi” for two consecutive years and “The Rabbit Hole Vol. 1.” His editorial skills shone brightly in “ProleScaryet: Tales of Horror and Class Warfare,” which featured works from rising stars in the horror genre like Hailey Piper, Laurel Hightower, and Joe Koch. His debut novella, “Sair Back, Sair Banes,” published by Ghost Orchid Press in May 2022, marked the beginning of his journey with long-form storytelling. Fans can look forward to his second novella, “Lumberjack,” slated for release by Tenebrous Press in December 2023.

Anthony’s latest work, “Snow Globe,” invites readers into the eerie “Prairie Triangle” of Nebraska, a place notorious for mysterious disappearances. This gripping tale intertwines the paths of Skyler, searching for her missing cousin, and Sam, a man on a quest to fulfill his family’s ominous legacy. They find themselves drawn to an abandoned general store, where an enigmatic snow globe beckons them into a perilous alternate realm. Here, amidst dangerous creatures, a treacherous castle, and a dark, seductive forest, Skyler and Sam face challenges that test their resolve and reveal startling truths. “Snow Globe” is more than a journey of survival; it’s a deep exploration into the secrets of existence itself.

Anthony Engebretson’s “Snow Globe” is a perfect fit for fans of dark fantasy and speculative fiction. His vivid storytelling and innovative character creation promise a thrilling and thought-provoking experience for our readers at Grendel Press. Stay tuned for more spellbinding tales from Anthony’s imaginative world!