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You can find my novels on:,, and Barnes & Noble.
For my short fiction, my website is the best bet for finding them.

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I am always happy to get feedback from my readers. Come find me through my website, or leave me a review on one of the above-mentioned sites. Seriously, leaving a review for a writer is very often just as exciting for us as making a sale.

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Amazing Artwork By Daniela Rivera

"Rest Stop"

Anthology: Uncanny & Unearthly Tales
Release Date: Oct 27th, 2023
Preorders: Coming Soon
About the Author: John is a Canadian author living in Ottawa with a little over twenty published short story credits. His fiction has appeared in such professional paying publications as Writers of the Future vol. 35, Galaxy's Edge, and Pressfuls Digipress.

His trilogy of humorous fantasy novels starting with The Reluctant Barbarian are published by Renaissance Press and in December of 2021, his horror novel Cults of Death and Madness was published by Wordfire Press.
Q & A
How does it feel to have this story published for the first time?
Wonderful! It's like one of my children has grown up and gone off on their own.
What inspired the idea for your story?
A little bit Twilight Zone, a little bit House of Mystery comics. I'm not sure exactly what brought the idea to my mind but once it started it all just rolled out of me.
We know that writing can be a tumultuous journey with a lot of obstacles, what is your kryptonite as a writer?
I am easily distracted which is why I write with my headphones on. I can be in the middle of writing and decide I need to see if something on my Amazon wishlist has suddenly gone on sale.
Tell us about your favorite author. What about their book(s) call to you and how do they inspire your own writing?
Soooo many to choose from. I like Stephen King very much, particularly his old stuff. While I have grown out of being frightened by books, I truly love the way he strings a sentence together. His characters feel real and when bad things happen to them it is heartbreaking. I aspire to write dialogue like him.
Clearly, you’ve succeeded at writing a captivating story for GrendelPress, but we all start somewhere. What advice would you give yourself as a young writer?
Get started and don't quit. Don't give up on yourself. The more you write the better you get. If you enjoy writing then do it. It doesn't have to be your profession if you just want it to be your hobby.
We’d like to argue that every good story makes both the author and the readers feel something. What perspectives or beliefs have you challenged with your story?
With this particular story, I was going for that fear of the unknown which is inside each of us. That feeling that you know exactly what the situation is but you are sooooo wrong.
What do you love most about your story’s genre?
I love the horror genre. It can be anywhere from creepy to downright scary. It's very versatile.
What are some other genres you’d like to break into and why?
I have a trilogy of humorous fantasy novels out there and would love to do more in that genre.
If you had to pick another story of yours to share with your readers, what would it be?
I have a soft spot for my horror story The Debt. It's about a doctor who lost his son to a drunk driver and now that the man is out of prison it's time for him to be truly punished.
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