Welcome to a very special edition on the Grendel Press blog, where we dive into the musical muses behind Cyril Mezden’s upcoming debut novel, An Empty Embrace. Today, we present a playlist that not only inspired Cyril during the writing process but also serves as a gateway into the novel’s soul-stirring depths.  This collection of songs mirrors the emotional and thematic notes woven throughout the story, offering readers a unique auditory experience to accompany their anticipation for the book’s release…which is this FRIDAY!
  1. “BITE” by Troye Sivan: A haunting melody that encapsulates the hunger of desire and the allure of the unknown, mirroring the novel’s exploration of forbidden love and the persuasive power of a kiss.
  2. “engravings” by Ethan Bortnick: This piece, with its beautifully angst-laced composition, reflects the complex emotional landscapes of the characters in An Empty Embrace as well as the dangers that can come from their emotional vulnerability.
  3. “De Selby (Part 2)” by Hozier: The yearning lyrics and building tension beating through this song perfectly exemplify a desire to give the entirety of yourself over to another, especially when that means losing yourself along the way.
  4. “WANT” by TAEMIN: This sultry, pulsing track embodies the novel’s themes of obsession. longing, and the lengths to which the characters will go in pursuit of their erotic desires.
  5. “MANTRA” by Bring Me The Horizon: With its powerful beats and manipulative lyrics, this song reflects the novel’s darker themes of abuse in a world that preys on the weak. According to Cyril, in an alternate universe where the romantic villain is a rockstar, he’d be very comfortable taunting the heroes with this song.
  6. “Killshot-Slowed+Reverb” by Magdalena Bay: The altered tempo and dreamy quality of this version convey the disorienting effect of love and betrayal experienced by the novel’s protagonists, enveloping the listener in a seductive, melancholic haze.
  7. “Plastic” by Moses Sumney: This track’s exploration of identity, deprivation, and the alienating weight of expectations mirrors the novel’s characters as they navigate the perilous road through self-discovery.
  8. “Unaware” by Whatshisface: The introspective nature of this song echoes the novel’s deep dive into its characters’ psyches, revealing the hidden fears and desires that drive them toward their fates.
  9. “Spider” by HOSHI: With its intricate melodies and captivating rhythm, this song expresses what it feels like to be caught in an alluring, yet frightening web of deceit. 
  10. “Tessellate” by alt-J: The themes of this song include the kind of lust that is touched with danger. Its cryptic lyrics, which explore the desire to consume that which you love, lend themselves neatly to a vampiric tale.
  11. “DREAMS” by Baby Storme: This track, with its ethereal sound and hopeful undertones, offers a counterpoint to the novel’s darker themes, representing the glimmers of hope and redemption that shine through even in the bleakest moments.
  12. “Broken” by DNMO, Sub Urban: This song’s exploration of pain and resilience resonates with the novel’s characters as they face their brokenness and seek to forge new paths from the wreckage of their pasts.
  13. “Mon Démon” by Odelly: The dark melody and threatening lyrics of this song warn the listener, and reader, that a corrupting force is lurking beneath the surface and is ready to take complete control.

As you listen, let the melodies guide your imagination into the heart of the story, setting the stage for an unforgettable and sexy journey… and let us know what you think! What songs come to mind when you think of sexy vampires?

An Empty Embrace launches March 1st in your favorite online stores!
Both ebook and paperback are available for preorder now!