Unconventional Inspirations

Cyril Mezden’s approach to writing An Empty Embrace breaks the mold of traditional literary inspirations. “Embarrassing as it is to admit, I’m not an avid reader,” Cyril confesses. Not one to bury himself in books, Cyril draws the essence of his storytelling from an eclectic mix of media, finding the seeds of inspiration in the dramatic ambiance of “Sweeney Todd,” the intricate character dynamics of “Arcane,” and the exploratory wonder of “The Legend of Zelda.” The creative liberties taken by podcasts like “The Adventure Zone” and other live-play storytelling from Dimension 20 and L.A. by Night also played a crucial role, igniting Cyril’s passion for creating a world where characters and their environments evolve in a dance of mutual influence.

A Personal Journey Through Fiction

At the heart of An Empty Embrace lies a deeply personal narrative, one that mirrors Cyril’s own journey towards self-discovery and acceptance. Cyril shares, “I had been identifying as nonbinary for about 5 years but had yet to begin my medical transition.” The novel became a sanctuary, a space where Cyril could explore and express facets of identity that real-world circumstances had compelled them to suppress. Through characters like the androgynous Celest, the flamboyant Julian, and the unflinching Sable, Cyril ventured into aspects of himself that yearned for expression. “This story allowed me so much room to grow,” Cyril reflects, highlighting the transformative power of storytelling, even within the realms of erotic fiction.

An Empty Embrace is not just a novel; it’s a testament to the power of fiction to provide solace, exploration, and growth. Cyril Mezden invites readers to delve into a world crafted from an amalgam of unique inspirations, offering a narrative enriched with personal triumphs and the courage to explore one’s true self.

Join us in celebrating this remarkable journey and the novel that emerged from it, a beacon for anyone seeking to find themselves in the pages of a book. An Empty Embrace will be available March 1st on all your favorite platforms.

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