We at Grendel Press are thrilled to welcome C. H. Riley, a prolific and versatile author with a knack for delving into the darker, more complex aspects of the human experience. His latest novel, “The Sound of the Future,” is a gripping addition to the realm of dystopian and science fiction literature.

C. H. Riley, based near Sacramento, California, has a vast body of work, including over 100 short stories and essays across various genres. His literary pursuits in suspense and thriller fiction have led to notable novels like “The Sinking of the Angie Piper” and “The Broken Pines.” His debut collection, “Of Woodland Textures and Charnel Delights,” showcases his talent for weaving dark and weird tales. “The Sound of the Future” represents a significant foray into dystopian science fiction, highlighting his versatility as a writer.

“The Sound of the Future” plunges the reader into a world where the ordinary is upended by the extraordinary. Frank Presley, a character content with his simple life and love for heavy metal music, finds his world irrevocably altered by mysterious sounds resonating through the earth’s atmosphere. These sounds herald a societal transformation, one that deeply affects Frank and his family.

Frank’s transformation, from a heavy metal enthusiast to a lover of classical music with perfect pitch, is intriguing. However, it pales in comparison to the more alarming changes in his wife, who develops a disturbing habit of self-harm, and his previously nonverbal autistic daughter, who miraculously begins to speak. These personal upheavals mirror the chaos unfurling in society, painting a picture of a world descending into madness.

C.H’s narrative skillfully explores the themes of transformation, the fragility of normalcy, and the depths of human despair and resilience. His portrayal of a family navigating these drastic changes while the fabric of society unravels around them is both poignant and unsettling.

As a press specializing in dark fantasy, horror, and dark romance, we find C. H. Riley’s “The Sound of the Future” to be a perfect fit for our collection. His ability to intertwine human emotions with dystopian elements makes this novel a compelling read for fans of the genre.

We invite our readers to dive into the unnerving world C. H. Riley has created in “The Sound of the Future.” It’s a story that resonates with the untamed darkness of humanity, exploring how individuals and society at large cope with unprecedented changes that challenge the very essence of their being.