How Personalities Shape a Narrative

Who are the main characters in “Alleria,” and what aspects of their personalities contribute to the narrative?

While many characters contribute to Alleria as a whole, the three that drive the narrative are Alleria, Tumsa, and Halfway Jack. Shaping the world always starts with a protagonist and an antagonist. Through them, you get a glimpse and, in many cases, an immersion into the world that Chantal has created. There is also a profound evolution of the characters throughout the trilogy that parallel the world itself, drawing you deeper into their stories.


So far in book one, after years of captivity by the witch, Tumsa, Alleria has overcome the naivety that comes with her lack of life experience. While you may see her start as a blank slate, you’ll come to see her temper and how her mood triggers her magical talents. “Alleria’s connection to time makes her a very interesting commodity for some who seek power,” Noordeloos says.

Trouble seeks her out. Though she starts her journey trying to find who and what she is, her ambitions and dreams rise to the surface, as do her powers. Her captivity under Tumsa has laid the foundations of who Alleria is and what her potential becomes.


While Alleria’s past is unremarkable, it has shaped Tumsa’s narcissistic, unkind ambitions. Her entitlement shows nicely in how she seeks power she could never would have in her younger life.

She sees Alleria as a key to eternal life and more power. While her plan for Alleria gets sidetracked, she never stops seeking Alleria as her prize and solution to her mortality. The fact that Alleria has more powerful people after her, just makes the prize of having her all that more alluring.

Halfway Jack

A scoundrel, player, and Tylwyth Teg, Jack is a key to Alleria’s world. His father is a mystery and though he has no idea what kind of Tylwyth Teg he is, he knows his powers grow as a few only developed in his youth.

Unlike Alleria, he has experience under his belt even though he still hasn’t found his place in the world. His loyalties are to himself first, and he lives in the fast lane. His naivete comes from relationships with people and hides the scared little boy inside him behind a wall of bravado.

Developing Multidimensional Characters

How did you approach the development of both the protagonist and antagonist to create multidimensional characters?

“When Alleria is first introduced, she is very much ‘the damsel in distress’, while Halfway Jack represents the lovable rogue. Tumsa is the evil witch…,” says Noordeloos.  And Chantel may have used standard tropes to start, but as the story evolves, so will the characters, each shaped by their hardships. There will be unfortunate events and moments of joy shaping them into more complex beings. While they may start from a trope, none of them are one thing. Their motivations drive them to grow as characters.

Discussing Character Dynamics in Shaping the Story

Can you discuss the significance of character dynamics in shaping the overarching story of the trilogy?

 Character dynamics significantly shape the trilogy’s storyline—most of it symbolizes Alleria’s journey into adulthood through Tumsa’s oppression. Alleria’s magic is much a metaphor for childhood trauma due to Alleria’s and Tumsa’s abusive relationship. Her transformation is a symbol of her victimization by Tumsa’s narcissistic nature.Contrasting all this is Alleria’s relationship with Halfway Jack. He becomes a catalyst for Alleria’s self-discovery. His dual nature challenges Alleria to think for herself and become an adult.

As Chantal’s narrative progresses, Alleria prioritizes her need for self-realization amidst Tumsa’s exploitation. While this is a “coming of age trope,” Chantal moves the character forward where the journey to independence is far from easy.

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