At Grendel Press, we’ve always prided ourselves on unearthing literary gems that delve into the realms of the mysterious, the supernatural, and the darkly romantic. It’s with great excitement and a sense of kindred spirit that we welcome Chris Pender to our family of authors. His debut collection, “A Fable Dark: Vol 1,” promises to be a journey into the heart of folklore, where myths breathe and shadows dance.

In “A Fable Dark: Vol 1,” Chris takes us through a series of stories set in the depth of winter, a time when nights are longest and tales are spun beside crackling fires.

Each story in Chris’s collection is a testament to the enduring power of folklore. He explores myths that have lingered in the collective consciousness, taking root in the very soul of the lands they originate from. These aren’t just stories of the supernatural; they’re explorations of the human condition, of characters as complex and intriguing as the predicaments they find themselves in.

But who is Chris Pender, the man behind these tales? A resident of a place that feels like the edge of the world, Chris’s background is as enchanting as his stories.
Chris hails from the wild Atlantic west coast of Ireland, a land steeped in storytelling traditions and ancient lore. It’s no wonder that his writing is richly influenced by the dark mythologies of Europe, blending the supernatural with a deep understanding of human nature. Coming from a strong storytelling tradition, he finds joy in the art of weaving narratives. Married and a father to two beautiful children, he writes not for fame or fortune, but for the sheer love of storytelling. In the rare moments stolen from the bustle of modern life, Chris crafts his tales, imbuing them with a sense of authenticity that only someone who lives and breathes folklore can achieve.

As we eagerly anticipate the release of “A Fable Dark: Vol 1,” we invite our readers to immerse themselves in the world Chris has created. It’s a world where the line between reality and myth is blurred, where every shadow and whisper in the wind has a story to tell.

Stay tuned for more updates, exclusive excerpts, and behind-the-scenes looks at “A Fable Dark: Vol 1.” Together, let’s embark on this journey into the heart of darkness and myth.