Two figures stand locked in a moment that teeters on the edge of danger and desire.

Today, we are thrilled to unveil the cover of An Empty Embrace, the latest dark fantasy from the imaginative mind of Cyril Mezden. This cover, illustrated by the amazing Dany Rivera from, is a masterpiece of visual storytelling. It invites readers into a world where love battles with forbidden darkness, encapsulating the essence of the novel’s haunting narrative.Â

The cover features Julian, a vampire of enigmatic allure, as he holds Celest, an innocent elven priest, in a grip that is both a caress and a cage. Julian’s hand, positioned threateningly yet tenderly around Celest’s neck, and his other arm pulling Celest close, speaks volumes about their complex relationship. Celest, caught in a tumult of fear and forbidden longing, clutches at Julian, symbolizing his inner turmoil between his sacred vows and his undeniable attraction to the darkness Julian represents.

The title, An Empty Embrace, is rendered in gold embossing, shimmering like a promise or a warning, against the dark tableau of the cover. This juxtaposition of light against dark, gold against shadow, perfectly encapsulates the novel’s exploration of the dichotomy between sacred and profane, love and obliteration.

Cyril Mezden’s name, presented in a deep, dark blue at the bottom, anchors the cover to it’s author. The choice of blue, a color often associated with depth, wisdom, and faith, hints at the lessons to be learned from the character dynamics that unfold within the page.

We at Grendel Press are proud to present, An Empty Embrace!

An Empty Embrace launches March 1st in your favorite online stores!
Both ebook and paperback are available for preorder now!