Dive into the atmospheric depths of Victorian London as portrayed in One Smile More. In this blog post, we take you behind the scenes to explore the historical richness and authenticity that author Charlotte Platt brings to her book. Learn how the historical setting was meticulously researched and brought to life.

How did you immerse yourself in the historical setting?

London is a fantastic city to write about because it is so proud of its history and constantly shows itself off, both in the day-to-day city and in the museums that thrive in there. There’s also the amazing British Library, which is beautiful in person and does fantastic exhibitions, such as the (recent at time of writing!) Fantasy Exhibition, which shows historical fantasy works from more modern examples right the way back to the Green Knight and the such.

Can you share specific examples of research or experiences that influenced the creation of the book’s atmosphere?

There’s also a lot of the presence of the city in elements that are still around today – mudlarking (searching the muddy banks of the Thames for items that can be sold) still happens, as do a lot of the traditions mentioned around Caithness, where I now live.

My most specific experiences had to do with travel. My father used to be a bus driver, so I’ve been around buses and trains and the such since I could toddle, and it’s somewhat second nature to check services and timetables due to that (shout out to Mina for this skill in Dracula, we love an organized governess). This led to me doing a lot of research about what travel options Ena would have when she’s escaping from Edinburgh – which don’t even appear in the book but set the tone for her resourcefulness and desperation at the start of the book.

I also researched clothing a lot and there are so many amazing exhibitions and recreations throughout the UK and online. I’d especially shout out the #FrockingFabulous tags on Twitter (from the fabulous Catherine Curzon, link is https://twitter.com/MadameGilflurt) for some amazing pieces and the breakdown they give of the styles and occasions each outfit is for, and Pinsent Tailoring (also on Twitter – https://twitter.com/zackpinsent) who is a regency style tailor who gives amazing Get Ready With Me videos and explains the uses of all the items.

In “One Smile More,” the evocative portrayal of Victorian London is a testament to Charlotte Platt’s dedication to historical accuracy and rich storytelling. By immersing in London’s history, traditions, and daily life, she has crafted a world that feels both authentic and alive. From mudlarking by the Thames to intricate details of Victorian fashion, the book offers readers a vivid journey through a meticulously researched setting.

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