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The services below can be mixed and matched based on your budget.

In the world of writing, editing is an indispensable process that breathes life into raw ideas and transforms them into polished, impactful works. Editing goes beyond  error correction; it is a meticulous art that elevates the quality, clarity, and overall effectiveness of a written work. By refining language, structure, and content, editing transforms a draft into a compelling, professional piece that captivates readers and communicates the intended message with precision.

But because that process is so nuanced, editing is divided into subcategories that tackle different aspects of your writing. It’s important to know what those subcategories are, so you can get an idea exactly where and what kind of editing fits into your budget.

We’ve broken up the services below based on what part of the publishing process they are involved.

Please see our thoughts on Integrity and Vanity Presses.




al a carte services
Late Feedback



You might not! It depends on where and how you want to publish.

  • I only want to publish an ebook on Amazon
    Ok, then it’s not necessary because Amazon supplies its own identification number, an ASIN, instead.
  • I want to publish my paperback on Ingram Spark
    Offers a free ISBN if you publish with them. It’s $49 for their service and it includes one ISBN under their imprint, but it can only be used on their platform.

Here’s the deal. ISBNs are only sold by certain ISBN distributors based on their country. Bowker handles all ISBNs in the United States where we are located. Every ISBN must be registered under a publisher. Publishers purchase ISBNs in bulk because they are expensive otherwise.

So when you use an ISBN through IngramSpark, your book will show one of their imprints as the publisher when it is distributed to retail stores, etc.

Exactly! While our publishing imprint won’t be on your physical book, it’s important to us that customers know that any book containing our imprint fits our genres and interests our readers.

Step One: Evaluate our criteria to see if your manuscript is a match.

  • Is your genre dark fantasy, horror, or dark romance?
  • Is your manuscript relatively free of spelling and grammatical errors?
  • Is it YOURS in whole with no copyright or plagiarism issues?

    Step Two: Apply for a Grendel Press ISBN

    Step Three: We will evaluate your sample against our brand and submission rules. Often themes that we would not explore in an anthology due to the nature of short stories, we might consider for novels and novellas as long as they maintain our mission statement.

    We will let you know within 48 hours of our decision and your next steps for purchasing the ISBN and how to register it with your distributors.

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