Grendel Press is delighted to announce the addition of Jason A. Wyckoff to our dark fantasy and horror family. A master of weaving unsettling narratives, Wyckoff has already established himself in the world of strange and eerie tales with his collections “Black Horse and other Strange Stories” (2012) and “The Hidden Back Room” (2016), published by Tartarus Press. His works, which have graced various anthologies and journals, are known for their atmospheric tension and psychological depth.

Wyckoff, residing in Columbus, Ohio, draws inspiration from the seemingly mundane to craft stories that delve into the unknown and the uncanny. Married and a cat lover, his personal life adds a touch of normalcy that contrasts sharply with the dark worlds he creates in his writing.

His latest narrative is a chilling journey into the heart of a small town’s darkness. Eve and Zander, a couple seeking to rekindle their connection, stumble upon a body in the woods during a camping trip. This grim discovery hurtles them into the midst of a sinister conspiracy intertwining Adler’s law enforcement, drug dealers, and occultists.

The story takes a paranormal turn as the ghosts of Adler’s departed begin to manifest, drawn by ritual sacrifices made to the demon Ixixiklis. This malevolent entity offers a tantalizing and terrifying promise: the resurrection of one soul, to be chosen by the individual who completes a macabre ceremony. As competitors engage in a deadly race to bring back their lost loved ones, Eve and Zander find themselves allied with unlikely partners in a desperate struggle to halt the bloodshed and save the town from an apocalyptic fate.

Wyckoff’s narrative is a masterful blend of horror, suspense, and the supernatural, exploring the depths of human desperation and the lengths people will go to for love and redemption. The story not only delves into the horror of the occult but also examines the psychological and moral complexities faced by the characters.

At Grendel Press, we are excited to bring Jason A. Wyckoff’s latest offering to our readers. His ability to intertwine the supernatural with gripping, character-driven plots makes his stories a perfect fit for our collection. We invite our audience to delve into this enthralling tale of love, loss, and the dark forces that lurk just beneath the surface of our reality.