Welcome to Grendel Press, Jim Horlock!

As a master of the weird and the eerie, Jim brings his unique voice to our dark fantasy and horror collection with his latest book, “Masks.” Set in Cardiff, Wales, Jim’s passion for storytelling shines through his engaging narratives that blend the supernatural with the uncanny. A self-proclaimed nerd, Jim’s love for board games, role-playing games, and cryptids adds depth to his already rich imagination. His stories have graced anthologies from Eerie River Publishing and Endless Ink Press, capturing the hearts of horror enthusiasts. Fans might recognize his work from popular podcasts like CreepyPod and NoSleep. With a book of short horror stories, “CHANGES,” set to release in Summer 2024 from Quill & Crow Publishing House, Jim Horlock is a name to remember in the realms of dark fantasy and horror.

“Masks” is a tribute to the slasher horror genre, weaving a tale as thrilling as it is chilling. It’s like assembling the notorious figures of Freddy Krueger, Jason Vorhees, and other legendary slashers into a single narrative – a Suicide Squad of the horror realm. The story centers around Edward, a death row inmate turned killer for the Mask Programme. As he navigates this dark world, he is torn between seeking freedom, uncovering the truth behind the Masks, and exacting revenge.

Jim Horlock’s “Masks” is a must-read for fans of dark, pulse-pounding storytelling. Its unique blend of horror elements, coupled with Jim’s distinct narrative voice, makes it a standout addition to our collection at Grendel Press. Stay tuned for more eerie tales from the mind of Jim Horlock!