Welcome, Peter O’Keefe, to the Grendel Press family!

Born and bred in the heart of Detroit and now a resident of Racine, Wisconsin, Peter O’Keefe is not just an author but a prolific filmmaker. With a versatile career spanning episodic television, feature films, and captivating TV movies for German networks, Peter’s creative journey knows no bounds.

His narrative short films have graced the screens of numerous film festivals, while his documentary, “Dreaming In Public, Making Art In the Real World,” earned him a prestigious Chicago Regional Emmy for its exploration of visual artists in the American Midwest.

Peter’s talents extend to the literary world, where his compelling short stories have found their way into various esteemed literary and online journals. Now, with the signing of “Counted With the Dead,” we can’t wait to embark on this thrilling literary journey with Peter O’Keefe. Get ready to dive into his unique storytelling universe, where darkness and imagination collide.