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    Strangers In The High City (Children of the Lunar Gods Book 1) $2.99
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    Step into The Covenant….

    Gareth Stormkin is the son of a war hero living on the outskirts of civilization. He dreams of finding adventure. Little does he know; adventure will soon find him, but the cost may prove too much to bear.

    Ruxson is a stable hand capable of a great many things – with the exception of riding horses. Circumstances have set him on a long road to revenge. Will he be able to maintain his humanity – or fall to madness in his quest?

    Auric Redbeard is finally free from his long servitude to The Covenant. At long last, he has earned his place as a citizen. But nothing is ever easy for a dwarf, he soon finds himself swept up in the politics of a people that hate him for what and who he is.

    Sophia Skyfire wanted nothing more than to bring honor to The Covenant. Now, she serves with pride in the great Mystos Order. With the discovery of great proportions, Sophia begins to question the nation that she once served so proudly.

    Strangers in the High City is a tale of battles long-fought with politics and magical blades, of boundaries being drawn in the sand and young hopefuls fighting to test their meddle in the world where consequences rarely give second chances, and each step brings the humans, dwarves, and elves towards the brink of war yet again…


    …A Nation Fighting to Maintain Order

    At All Costs.

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    • Cover Type:Kindle, Paperback
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