More Than a Monster: A Grendel Press Horror Anthology (Contributor Copy)

Full Story List

“Woodwose” by Jennifer Povey
“The Last Days of Monster Park” by Bert S.G.
“Mouths to Feed” by T.M. Morgan
“The Sacrifices For Our Children” by Zachary Rosenberg
“His Little Helpers” by Alex Wolfgang
“Ladies First” by David Rider
“Quarry” by Liam Hogan
“A Sliver in the Vein” by J. Syringa
“Starved” by Rachel Nussbaum
“SWIPE” by CM Toolson
“Shiny Objects” by Valerie B. Williams
“Morning Fire” by Mike Deady
“De Casibus” by J. Rocky Colavito
“Larin” by Rachel Ashcraft
“Take My Hand” by Christie Hansen
“Vesper’s Garden” by Ville Meriläinen

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Dimensions 8.5 × 5.5 × 1 cm

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