Uncanny & Unearthly Tales: A Grendel Press Anthology

Full Story List

“Bound” by Dan Peacock
“The Mall Santas Ride at Moonrise” by KT Wagner
“The Soul Stone” by Aly Faye
“Good Intentions” by Jessica Feather
“A Chronological List of My First Hauntings by Jonathan Chen” by Mei Davis
“Rosebud” by Amanda Cecelia Lang
“Fortune of the Téméraire” by DJ Cockburn
“Helping Hands In The Acreage” by Chris Kuriata
“Rest Stop” by John Haas
“The Yakshi of Asthikaavu” by Neethu Krishnan
“To Catch a Bannik” by Koji A. Dae
“Hamlet’s House” by Anthony Engebretson
“The Great Bath” by Thomas Vickers
“The Greatest Show on Earth” by Joel Reeves
“A Final Offering” by Akis Linardos

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