Cyril Mezden

Cyril Mezden

When not caught up in his own personal fantasies about courageous heroes, flamboyant villains, or ancient magics, Cyril spends his time inches from a monitor playing videogames, trying to make his friends laugh with silly voices during D&D sessions, and flirting with his boyfriend to the point of obsession. As a trans-masculine nonbinary person, Cyril is passionate about the continued fight for bodily autonomy in all forms, intersectional justice for minorities, and opulent gothic fashion. The quickest way to get his attention is by mentioning vampires, but if you don’t have a few free hours to discuss the ins and outs of vampiric mythology it’s best not to bring it up at all.

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    An Empty Embrace: An MM Erotic Fantasy Romance

    Submit. Repent. Obey.

    A man of unquenchable thirst haunts the rain-soaked nights, preying off the living. But, when his interest is piqued upon first meeting the innocent Celest, all else seems unimportant. Armed with unnatural beauty, a silver tongue, and a wicked smile, the vampire begins his intimate pursuit to cage the cleric’s heart.