In Chantal Noordeloos’s Chronicles of the Moon Born trilogy, the world of Serenwerdd emerges not just as a backdrop but as a vital character that shapes the narrative.

This blog delves into the intricate worldbuilding that forms the heart of this dark fantasy saga, exploring the captivating settings, magical systems, and unique creatures that inhabit this universe.

The Genesis of Serenwerdd

Chantal Noordeloos takes us behind the veil of creation, revealing the origins of Serenwerdd’s universe, “When I began building Serenwerdd, it started from one idea: The Mist. I liked the concept of a mystical place that lay behind a thick curtain of magical Mist.” This foundational element birthed the Arallfyd, a realm inspired by a tapestry of fairytales, myths, and folklore, woven with threads of the elven kingdoms from “Lord of the Rings,” the imaginative flair of Tim Burton, and the dark enchantment of the Brothers Grimm’s tales.

The author’s creative process, as Noordeloos amusingly shares, was both innovative and pragmatic, “Yup… Google Translate… that’s how I roll. Whatever works, right?” This blend of whimsy and practicality underscored her approach to naming and conceptualizing the world’s various elements.

A Land of Contrast and Danger

Serenwerdd is a realm of stark contrasts, from the ethereal beauty of the Arallfyd to the foreboding gloom of the Borderlands. Noordeloos’s penchant for dark and gritty folklore, particularly Celtic stories, played a pivotal role in crafting the ominous Shadow Marshes. “It was important that everything about the area felt like an absolute threat,” Noordeloos explains, emphasizing the perilous nature of even the most innocuous elements in this part of the world.

Inhabitants of a Magical World

The trilogy introduces readers to a complex tapestry of races and magical beings. The Fath Tywell, dark and dangerous fairies, reign supreme in their elegance and power, embodying the essence of the Arallfyd. The human lands, with their rich cultural diversity, and the notorious Borderlands, offer a spectrum of settings that promise intrigue and adventure.

The magical system of Serenwerdd is as layered as its inhabitants, split into ‘higher magic’ and ‘secondary magic,’ with each having its own subclasses and characteristics. This intricate system adds depth to the world, allowing for a diverse range of magical interactions and phenomena.

The Heart of the Series

At the core of the Alleria trilogy is the interplay between the characters and their environment. Noordeloos poignantly states, “The harsh surroundings have done a lot to shape Alleria’s character.” The world of Serenwerdd, with its breathtaking landscapes and dark corners, mirrors the internal struggles and themes of oppression, abuse, and entrapment that the protagonist, Alleria, must navigate.

This richly crafted universe serves not only as the setting for a tale of adventure and magic but also as a canvas that reflects the deeper themes of the series. As Noordeloos hopes, the immersive world of Serenwerdd will “draw the reader into Alleria’s journey and give them a sense of being part of an otherworldly tale.”

Through the artful blend of myth, folklore, and imaginative creation, Chantal Noordeloos invites readers into a world that is as enchanting as it is perilous, where every detail contributes to the tapestry of a dark and captivating fantasy saga.

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