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    Paramnesia: A Grendel Press Horror Anthology $12.99
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    Par·am·ne·sia – a condition or phenomenon involving distorted memory or confusions of fact and fantasy, such as confabulation or déjà vu.

    Get ready to experience a new level of terror with Paramnesia, the first of four horror anthologies from GrendelPress. Featuring a collection of original short stories from a diverse range of talented writers, this book will take you on a journey through the depths of the human psyche, exploring the darkest corners of the mind and the horrors that lurk within.

    Each tale is expertly crafted to keep you on the edge of your seat, with twists and turns that will leave you gasping for breath. From spine-chilling encounters to psychological thrills that will make you question your own sanity, Paramnesia is a must-read for horror fans looking for their next fix. Don’t miss out on this chilling collection of stories that will haunt your dreams long after you’ve turned the last page.

    • Publisher:Grendel Press
    • Cover Type:Paperback
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    Godkiller $15.33
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Enter a land where all gods have been banned, and one young woman is paid to kill those who still hide in the shadows—the explosive #1 internationally bestselling fantasy debut in a new trilogy for fans of The Witcher and American Gods.

    You are not welcome here, godkiller…

    As a child, Kissen saw her family murdered at the whim of a fire god. Now, Kissen makes a living killing gods, and she enjoys it. That is until she discovers a god she cannot kill: Skedi, a small god of white lies, has somehow bound his life to that of a young noble girl, and they desperately need Kissen’s help.

    Joined by a disillusioned knight on a secret quest, the trio must travel to the ruined city of Blenraden, where the last of the wild gods reside, to each beg a favor.

    Pursued by assassins and demons, and in the midst of burgeoning civil war, they will all face a reckoning. Something is rotting at the heart of their world, and they are the only ones who can stop it.

    • Cover Type:Paperback
    • Publisher:Harper Voyager
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    Eleventh Cycle (Mistland) $23.39
    Rated 0 out of 5

    It has been a thousand years since the last Seed abandoned their duty. The mists are closing in. Finally, the Morning Bell tolls. A new Seed is born, but is it too late?

    The rot eats away at mortals. The Witnesses pray so that they may not turn into one of the forgotten. And the constricting mists infect the lands with fear.

    But there is more to this tale than just the Elders and their Seeds. Four mortals will have a part to play in Minethria’s fate. A farmer girl with only love in her eyes. A warrior born to the life of a refugee. A highborn stuck between the realm of gods and men. And a woman running into front lines and away from home.

    Will the cycle finally be completed? Or will the mist swallow all?

    A seed is born and the evil is slain, so doth another cycle commence. Yet the last Seed born hath turned traitor, and the mists which had been pushed back, returneth.

    CONTENT WARNING (list may contain spoilers for some people): This book is Grimdark. There is a lot of violence, gore, heavy language. It also deals with very heavy themes like realistic representation of disability, has descriptive sexual content, self-harm, mental illness, rape and suicidal ideation.

    • Cover Type:Paperback
    • Publisher:Independent Publisher
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    From Within the Woods $14.99
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    The woods do not scare Elena – even if they did have a reputation for being cursed.

    At least, that was the bravery she had when her father was still alive. Now, accused of being a witch by the village that she once held dear, Elena realizes that going into the woods clouded with superstition may be her only chance at survival. However, once she steps foot past the threshold of the forest, she wonders if perhaps her village had been right about the dangers that lurk within. With what has been taken from her, she is left to hope that her promise to be brave is enough to help her survive.


    As clouds darkened the sky and prepared to cleanse the earth with rain, Dmitri could feel something different about the forest.

    He felt the subtle shift in the trees – a sense of urgency that he had never felt before. He could feel it inside of his chest, like a bird stirring against his ribcage. Helplessly drawn to the source, Dmitri found himself moving as if it had called to him. All he knew was that, as soon as he crossed paths with whatever it was, his life would never be the same.

    • Cover Type:Paperback
    • Publisher:Independent Publisher
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