Blood Debt

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Best friendship was hard to maintain over two thousand miles, but Meagan and Corinna shared a secret. It wasn’t a good secret, but it was theirs and a bond stronger than any blood or comradery could forge. Well, actually, it was blood, just not family blood. They would keep that secret forever or at least, she would. She didn’t know if Corinna could keep anything a secret anymore.

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Author: Susan E. Rogers Report Abuse

Meagan and Corinna have been best friends from first grade through high school, but after that one terrifying night, that friendship is tested by a horrible secret. They’ve drifted apart in the years since graduation, but when Corinna calls in a panic, Meagan knows she has to go to her, even if it is half-way across the country. Together, they have to confront that secret and battle with its consequences. Life will never be the same for either of them.

“Blood Debt” originally appeared in Night Terrors Vol. 12, an anthology of horror stories by Scare Street Publishers on April 12, 2021.


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