Scars From The Psychomanteum

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A collection of dark tales

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Five stories, all imbued with a beauty only the darkness can bestow. The collection opens with Drifting Through A Quiet Desolation the tale of an outsider who finds a sense of family with a pack of like-minded souls on the Deep Web. Think ‘body horror spawned from a primal urge to be ‘something’ else’. Next up, Pathology of a Skullflower takes art in a whole other direction for a loner in the vast, urban sprawl of 90s America. Sitting square in the middle of this group of five is Born of a Barbed Wire Womb. If John Carpenter’s The Thing was a World War II Nazi experiment gone wrong then it would be the hellish nightmare endured by 10-year-old Polish orphan Zofia. And now transported to a distant isle off the coast of the Scottish Highlands, you, the reader, will witness the rebirth of an ancient swamp cult, courtesy of its latest heiress and the party’s unsuspecting expedition leader. And lastly, a group of interstellar archaeologists and their military security detail fall foul of alien tech on a distant and dying exoplanet, in I.S.S. Negatron to Terror Nova.



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