The Shepherd & Blood in the Snow Kindle Edition



Author: Matthew Owen Jones

The Shepherd.(As featured in Creepy Podcast & The NoSleep Podcast.)

An old shepherd lives in isolation with his orphaned granddaughter in rural Europe.

He is plagued by a wolf, one that years ago killed his daughter, disfigured his granddaughter, and continues to prey upon his flock, eluding all his efforts to find it.

He resolves to take a stand against the beast that has taken so much from him, and threatens all he has left.

This is a tale of love and regret in a rough, unforgiving land. The tale continues in Blood in the Snow, which is included in this book.

”This big wolf somewhere out in the dark with him was a hunter. It was born to be a predator, at home in the darkness that would not hinder it. He was just an old man riddled with doubt.” – The Shepherd.



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