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    Saintstown, Book 3. Burgling a quarantined ship should have been easy money. It wasn’t. Now Danny and Eli, Saintstown’s pettiest thieves, have a traumatized former captive on their hands and the city’s most powerful fixer breathing down their neck. And that’s just the start of their problems.

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    The Familiar

    Book 1 of Saintstown. Grace Foster’s hunt for her husband’s murderer has brought her to the city of Saintstown. But her quarry has killed again, and she’ll need to rely on new, unexpected allies to bring her hunt to an end.

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    Glitch: God Doesn’t Make Mistakes

    Perhaps he may not be the only one who has been glitched. With every passing moment the stakes get higher, and the pull of the abyss grows stronger. Benny fights cosmic forces intent on dragging evil toward his light. Is God against him? Can Benny ever find the salvation he so desperately craves? Or will he be seduced by the darkness. Glitch is a terrifying journey into the unknown, what happens when the return from death goes horrifically wrong.

    Trigger Warnings: Sex, Erotic situations, Homoerotic, Light Cannibalism, Torture, occult, blasphemy.

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    Five hundred feet above safety and one thousand feet below it, can two young climbers manage survive long enough for help to arrive, or will they become yet more mysterious disappearances on the high mountain peaks?