Welcome to Grendel Press, Tim Boiteau!

Tim, hailing from Michigan where he lives with his family, is a celebrated author with a flair for the fantastical and the horrifying. His accomplishments include the prestigious Writers of the Future award, highlighting his exceptional talent in the realm of speculative fiction. Tim’s stories have graced the pages of notable publications like Daily Science Fiction, Deep Magic, and Kaleidotrope, showcasing his versatility and mastery of short fiction.

In addition to his short stories, Tim has made significant strides in the world of horror novels. His most recent work, “ILTDAY,” released in 2023 by Fenris, has added to his growing reputation as a skilled novelist in the horror genre. His ability to weave compelling narratives was further recognized with his “Cherry Blossom” story, which won Story of the Year at 50-Word Stories.

Tim’s latest novel, “The Nilwere,” presents a unique twist on classic fairy tale tropes. It tells the story of Constance Dunn and Amity Lancaster, who, in their bid to flee a plague-ridden town, find themselves trapped in a bizarre, fairy-tale-like mechanism. This narrative cleverly plays with the idea of repetition and inevitability, as the protagonists discover they are part of a recurring cycle: a monster defeated, a damsel rescued, and a seemingly happy ending, only for the cycle to begin anew. As they navigate this surreal environment, they realize that even the most intricate mechanisms have their vulnerabilities, and they are about to witness this system’s collapse.

“The Nilwere” is a gripping addition to Tim Boiteau’s literary repertoire. His innovative storytelling and knack for blending the fantastical with the unsettling make this novel an enthralling read for fans of dark fantasy and horror. We at Grendel Press are thrilled to have Tim Boiteau on board and look forward to sharing his imaginative and haunting tales with our readers. Stay tuned for more from this talented author!