Looking for Volunteers!

As we approach 2024, Harpy Susan has reviewed our publishing schedules, and realized we may need to increase our staff!
So all interested individuals should either email admin@grendelpress.com or fill out our application.

Applicants Must:

  • Be fluent in English
  • Be comfortable reading dark fantasy, horror, and dark romance.
  • Have basic knowledge of computers and how to post on social media.
  • Active on Discord, as that is our primary method of communication.

You might be asking why our staff are volunteers rather than paid hourly. It’s quite simple. Everything is expensive, and this is a growing endeavor. We decided early on that we would rather our staff take the cut and distribute money to story authors and artists than request free submissions.

However, we have extraordinary perks!

  • Free website, domain, & hosting
  • Free use of any of our Grendel Press editing packages.
  • Free ISBNs if the manuscript matches our content guidelines. 
  • Friendships you can’t find anywhere else.

How comfortable are you with social networks?
Which networks are you currently a part of and what are your usernames?


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