Greetings to all fans of the paranormal and thrilling at Grendel Press!

Today, we have the distinct pleasure of introducing Susan E. Rogers, a fascinating new voice in the realm of occult horror and supernatural thrillers. Susan’s journey from the snow-covered streets of Massachusetts to the sun-kissed beaches of St. Pete Beach, Florida, is as captivating as the stories she weaves.

Susan’s life is a tapestry of intriguing experiences and talents. Transitioning from a career in social work, she embraced her life-long ambition to write, drawing inspiration from her surroundings and her interactions with the spirit world. As a practicing psychic medium, adept in Tarot and tea leaf reading, Susan’s intimate connection with the ethereal realm deeply influences her storytelling.

Her debut novel with Grendel Press, “Haunted in Paradise,” is an immersive journey into the life of Sharon Coady, a retired, resilient psychic who finds herself entangled in a web of the supernatural and human malice. Set against the backdrop of the idyllic Gulfside, the novel delves into the dark corners of revenge, manipulation, and the unseen forces that linger among us.

“Haunted in Paradise” is not just a story; it’s a potential series opener, with Sharon Coady at its heart, solving mysteries that intertwine the living and the dead.

We at Grendel Press are excited to bring Susan’s riveting tale to our readers. “Haunted in Paradise” promises to be a gripping addition to any dark fantasy and horror aficionado’s collection. Stay tuned for behind-the-scenes insights, character deep-dives, and more as we prepare for the thrilling launch of “Haunted in Paradise.”

Join us in welcoming Susan E. Rogers to the Grendel Press family, where the ordinary meets the extraordinary, and every story is an adventure into the unknown.